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Balance Health
& Harmony

At Central Earth, located in Aiea, Hawaii you can experience the power of Chinese medicine and acupuncture with personalized treatments for optimal health.

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*Insurance accepted, inquire for details

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Insurance Accepted

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We accept various forms of insurance, your coverage options can be verified before your appointment.

Annie Yang owner, Central Earth Accupuncture and Chinese Medicine


I've lived and worked in the Oahu since 2018. My passion for Chinese Medicine is rooted in its power to transform your health and wellness with our personalized treatments.  I hope to help restore balance and harmony to your body and mind, please contact us to learn more about treatments.


- Dr. Annie (Han) Yang  

Herbs and Remedies

"A single act of kindness
can cause ripples of healing"




Just inserting needle to the specific acupoints in the body/channel to kick on the body`s own healing ability, so the body will be able to heal itself.



We are burning a specific Chinese Herbs above the skin. What it does is to increase the patient`s healing ability, reduce the inflammation and strengthen the immunity.



Using a plastic or glass cup on the skin with some pressure, it can help release muscle tension, and pull out the toxins in the body.



Using natural herbs to make a custom formula to help the body to heal or get healthier.



Using guasha tool scrap on the skin on the specific acupoints/channel. It has the same function as cupping therapy, but works stronger and better.


Tui Na (Acupuncture)

It`s like acupuncture, but uses pressure on the acupoints/ Channels instead of needles. Similar to medical massage.

Herbs and Remedies
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We have friendly and professional staff members. We treat every patient as if they are family or friend. Never forget that a patient is a person, I will put your best health interests first. We are very open for communication, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel comfortable to let us know.

We value kindness, respect and communication. 

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